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Project Update | Functional Solar Pergola Augusta, Ga

Project Update | Functional Solar Pergola Augusta, Ga

This project in Augusta, GA was originally completed over 5 years ago. The customer had this amazing pergola built, and we mounted 36 solar panels to its roof and wired them up to two Fronius Primo inverters for a grid-tied system. Last year, the system was upgraded with a hardened Sol-Ark 12, replacing one of the Primos, and LIPO batteries were added to create a hybrid system. While it took a bit of rewiring, this Sol-Ark works perfectly with its Fronius counterpart. The homeowner is now utilizing the batteries to store extra power produced during the day for use at night, offsetting what he might need to buy. It also provides backup if the power goes down.

Hybrid systems have been gaining in popularity as they provide great grid-tied solar performance while adding battery storage for backup, time-of-use, or power shaving. Today, lithium batteries can last and perform for 6,000 to 7,000 cycles.

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